PDP-BJP ‘unprincipled’, ‘opportunist’ alliance pushed J&K into bloodshed, misrule: Congress

GJ Report
Jammu, Jan 30: The state unit of Jammu and Kashmir Congress on Tuesday said that ‘unprincipled’ and ‘opportunist’ PDP-BJP alliance has pushed the state into bloodshed and misrule.
“The present ‘unprincipled’ and ‘opportunist’ alliance of two ideologically opposite political forces has pushed the state in to worst kind of bloodshed, mis-governance and misrule as both partners are pulling in different directions driven by their political interests almost on all sensitive issues including to deal with the security scenario,” JKPCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir said while addressing a day long convention of Congress workers at Udhampur district.
He said, “PDP and BJP are together only for the sake of power but their approach is almost opposite to each other and they address to their respective galleries which further adds fuel to the fire”.
He however, questioned the PDP-BJP coalition Govt to count a single achievement during its three years regime, while it brought miseries, destructions and pushed the state backward on all fronts especially on the path of unrest, violence and instability of all sorts.
“The state is passing through a worst phase of political uncertainty amidst deteriorated security situation because of lack of any clear roadmap to deal with situation in Kashmir and worst situation on our borders with Pak and China,” said Mir.
He asserted that the present Govt has not learnt any lessons from the past on Kashmir and indulging in rhetoric’s only while ground situation continues to be grim, adding, “the Govt could not hold Lok Sabha by-poll in Anantnag and the Panchayat elections are delayed time and again while Govt. makes false claims of improvement of situation”.
Reminding the Chief Minister Mehabooba Mufti about the initiatives of Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA on Pakistan front, the PCC Chief said that it was during Congress regime that several initiatives like cross border bus service and cross LOC trade was started and her father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had all praise on these historical initiatives.
“Again the lowest number of ceasefire violations were witnessed during 10 years of UPA as compared to ongoing bloodshed, targeting of civilians and migrations on around 2500 cease fire incidents during Modi regime,” he said and added that she has the compulsion of chair to accuse UPA Govt and praise Modi Govt whereas she cannot be ignorant about the blow hot and blow cold policy of Modi Govt during over three and half years with Pakistan and on Kashmir, which has brought havoc on the situation.
Meanwhile paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion, Mr Mir said that forces who were always opposed to his philosophy and ideology are posing threat to the secular and social fabric of the nation.
So long our nation follows the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for mutual co-existence with respect and religious freedom of people of all faiths, it would remain united and emerge stronger while promoting hatred and division would be disastrous for the unity and integrity of our nation.
Senior Vice President Sham Lal Sharma lashed out at the PDP-BJP Govt for widening the wedge between regions by their wrong policies and deepening the feeling of neglect, discrimination and regional imbalance.
He said that the BJP’s surrender on the basic ideology for power has exposed it and their total silence in the Govt. against the discriminatory policies has pushed state into chaos and unrest for various reasons. If this situation is not addressed it would lead to further instability in the state.
The BJP is fully responsible for its betrayal with their electorate for the sake of power.
Sham said that BJP always accused Congress of following soft policy towards Pakistan and on Kashmir but now when in power both at Centre and State, the BJP must explain their total failure of their in this regard, leading to large number of sacrifices of our forces and civilians and deteriorated situation be it Kashmir or With Pakistan.