Celebrating 1st January as ‘Jammu State Day’ across the Jammu province as well as in the Union Capital New Delhi as the day of establishment of Jammu Pradesh (Jammu State) by the Panthers’ Party, it has been making all out efforts to ignite the stoking embers in Jammu province to facilitate the party’s Magna Carta on reorganization of the state of Jammu and Kashmir thus resulting in statehood to Jammu. The party believes that this would bring an end to the alleged over seventy years of discrimination against the Jammu province and its people at the hands of Kashmir Centric governments that have repeatedly ignored the Jammu and Ladakh regions. The ideology and formula advocated by the veteran politician and leader of the region Prof Bhim Singh is right from various angles especially when he asserts that Indian Parliament enjoys supreme power to amend any part of the Constitution of India and that his mission shall be achieved through amendment in Article 370 by the Parliament of India. It is a stark reality that Article 370 has already been reduced to nullity with the abolition of Monarchy in J&K by the J&K Constituent Assembly on 20th August, 1952 and is presently being used by the political parties just to arouse the passions in attempt to garner vote banks. Though the target of achieving statehood for Jammu is not at all a Mission Impossible but the handling of the issue by the Party that had far back initiated the Magna Carta in this direction will have to be drastically streamlined in consonance with the present situation. Undoubtedly Prof Bhim Singh has been on the forefront in every fight for the cause of Jammu Pradesh which has been subjected to blatant discrimination right from 1947 despite constituting major portion of the state in terms of area as well as population as compared to Kashmir Valley. Unfortunately, despite consistently attempting to bring the civil society of Jammu Pradesh on a single platform to devise a proactive strategy in order to bring an end to the decades long injustice meted out to the people of Jammu Pradesh there have been no fruitful results for the reasons which need to be pondered over today, especially in view of the NPP Supremo having far back even conducted the first ever Jammu Pradesh Assembly to evolve and declare a ‘Magna Carta’ to ensure that desired results are achieved in this regard. Earlier also he made similar attempts and brought Jammu’s civil society on a single platform but the same remained confined to one or two days’ deliberations without any transformation on ground. Till today there seems to be no progress whatsoever on this front as a result of which JKNPP is continuing to appeal to all the political parties in J&K to uphold the solemn mission of the people of J&K for the reorganization of the state by establishing the Jammu State and Kashmir Valley state and leaving the choice for Cold Desert to the people of Ladakh. The handler of the Magna Carta comprising 24-point agenda including reorganization of the state, amendment in article 370, eradication of article 35-A from the Indian Constitution, holding delimitation of the Assembly constituencies in J&K, comprehensive settlement with restoration of civil rights to all Pak and PoK refugees and removal of all forms of discrimination against the people of Jammu Pradesh needs to transform this sacred declaration into a plausible movement on ground for which the people of Jammu shall have to make relentless efforts at individual level too failing which the day will remain confined to papers only devoid of any achievement. Given the past experiences it needs to be realized that every medium from streets to legislature and apex court of the nation will have to be utilized in the battle for justice and equity to the people of Jammu.