Despite having acknowledged that it is not possible to change the neighbour and initiating all efforts to pursue our ever belligerent neighbour to be at peace, India has failed to achieve any desirable result. Pakistan has more than often under international pressure declared its will to maintain peace with India but every time it has not matched its words with its deeds be it the cross border terrorism or the cease fire violations. India being a peace loving nation has out of way offered to promote the dialogue process at various levels be it the Foreign Secretary or NSA level talks or the PM level talks despite the gestures of belligerence by the neighbour. However it has been observed during the past few years that ceasefire violations have become routine for Pakistan. This year the belligerent neighbour has cracked all its previous records by violating the ceasefire along the International Border and the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir more than 720 times, the highest in past seven years, thus indicating that it is in no mood to give up belligerency against India. Pakistan’s provocative tactics like ceasefire violations or terror strikes against India minimizes the chances of holding talks or allowing any positive outcome from the talks if at all held despite hostile conditions. The serious rise in the frequency of ceasefire violations in Jammu and Kashmir most probably seems to be aimed at stalling every step towards peace between the two neighbours. India has with greatest sincerity and resolve longed to ease tensions so that people in both the nations are able to live peacefully especially those living in the border areas. Knowing very well that given the past experience it is not an easy task, we continue to initiate relentless efforts to improve relations with Islamabad. No doubt for this stance India is being appreciated by almost all the nations across the globe including Pakistan’s close ally China which even officially stated that it is working towards influencing Pakistan for better ties with India. The global community needs to understand and realize that Pakistan is through and through a rogue state which is evident from its digression of words and deeds. It has fallen in the habit of deriving sadistic pleasures as it has been doing by resorting to ceasefire violations and killing the civilians. It is most unfortunate that innocent civilians are being killed and maimed by our neighbour violating all the norms of International Law as well as the humanitarian law and the international community continues to be a mute spectator to these gross violations by Pakistan. Today India needs to reframe and re-strategize its modus operandi to fail Pak attempts of repeated misadventure. Pakistan is the rarest of the rare nations in the history across the globe that has been patronizing terrorism and terrorists besides promoting deceptiveness of highest degree. In such a scenario the world at large comprising the civilized nations should have no inhibition in declaring it a rogue state and reining it by imposing vital sanctions so that it desists from all inhumane and illegal tantrums be it terrorism or ceasefire violations against its neighbour. India too needs to realize that expecting too much from the International community due to their vested interests would not be only a folly but an irretrievable blunder. Ours’ is a great democracy with peace being the ultimate goal and in achieving that goal for the nation and its future generations the nation should not desist from teaching a lesson to the belligerent neighbour to bring an end to the decades’ old miseries thrust on our people from across the border. It needs to be realized that only surgical strikes are not going to fetch the desired results. In this regard the people also need to remember that there is always a danger of collateral damage in case of a full-fledged war, for which the people must get mentally prepared. This has become necessary in view of the fact that our neighbour has become absolutely incorrigible now. However, it is hoped that good sense prevails upon our neighbour before the situation flares up into a WAR…?