The whole world has been watching the drama enacted by the Pak establishment not only befooling Uncle Sam but the other nations too. Though US has finally blocked the military aid to this rogue nation, yet there is a likelihood of other aids too getting suspended by the US soon as indicated by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley today. Pakistan has been raising huge funds from various countries including US, China and of course from the Islamic nations since 1947 in the name of Kashmir and these funds have all along been diverted towards activities which can easily be encompassed within terrorism. It is really an irony that despite being today enmeshed in the web of terrorism that it created against India, it refuses to take any concrete measures to wipe out this menace of which India has been the biggest victim. The only way out for Pakistan today is to establish peace with India as that would be a death blow to all the terrorist organizations in Pakistan as well as across the globe. Unfortunately, it prefers to toe the line of bleeding India with thousand cuts. With Pakistan violating cease fire repeatedly on LoC and international border in J&K it only conveys its intention to continue its anti-India tirade forever. While India been responding appropriately not only by giving a tit for tat reply to these violations, but also successfully exposing Pakistan before the whole world, the results of which can be easily witnessed on ground today. The question here arises that why is it that these violations take place despite claims by both the neighbouring nations trying to restore peace in the region. Analysis of the past events reveals that border conflicts between India and Pakistan are a series of skirmishes and firing exchange between the Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers along the Line of Control (LoC) sparking outrage both in India and Pakistan and India has always faced a piquant situation on account of Pak double standards with its word and deed going absolutely in opposite directions. It is a fact that Pakistani politicians have failed to rise to the occasion to brighten the prospect of peace in view of Pak Army establishment and its ISI leaving no stone unturned to wreak havoc in the region. With the trend of debates across the representatives of two countries on electronic media it has become much easier to understand not only the game plan and strategy of those at the helm in Pakistan but also to assess the strength of our hostile neighbour. Whenever India termed Pak’s ceasefire violations as ‘Unaffordable Adventurism’ Pakistan immediately resorts to its Nuclear threat rhetoric. This clearly indicates that the Pak Army establishment has reconciled to the fact that its weapon capabilities sans nuclear heads stand no match to the Indian might. Besides, it also exposes the feeling of insecurity among Pak Military which is virtually ruling that nation. The stance of the Pak Army against India also gives Pak government a ray of hope so far as its survival is concerned as it has failed to address the genuine demands of its people, failed to address Sind and Baluchistan issues or neutralize the mounting terrorism that has reached its peak in Pakistan. Above all it has failed to provide a united cohesive civilian government thus resulting in a total mess there. To ensure that civilian population of Pakistan holds it as the most patriotic constituent, the power-hungry Pakistan Army and the ISI feel that the only way to earn legitimacy for their actions is to intensify their anti-India propaganda, and flex a muscle or two by means of ceasefire violations on the LOC and the International Border. It is really unfortunate that despite Indian government crying hoarse about the necessity of a dialogue-oriented approach to resolve all contentious issues, some random deranged personnel in the Pak Army establishment refuse to open the eyes to this pressing need of the hour. It is the people at the helm of affairs in Pakistan be it in the military or the so called civilian government who will have to realize that a stable South Asia can do wonders for all the stakeholders, and every constituent nation could rise with a more powerful voice in a fast-emerging multi-polar world. Pakistan being in the worst mess today due to its own terror factories needs to reconcile to the fact that peace in the subcontinent is most essential for it to survive as compared to any other nation of the region. In this regard establishing peace with India is the first and foremost essential for its own existence. The earlier it does the better it would be!