The past over a month has witnessed seizure of drugs and arrest of the drug traffickers by the police on a regular basis under its Operation Sanjeevani. While the police action is worth appreciation, at the same time it is also a matter of great concern that the influx of various drugs into this state is rampantly increasing. The state authorities are already aware of the menace and as such State Level Apex Committee was constituted to eliminate the menace of cultivation of narcotic substances and drug trafficking from the State, besides constituting District, Sub-District and Tehsil level Committees consisting of Members from different departments. However, it seems that despite initiating multiple measures the government has failed to check the menace of drug trafficking, drug addiction and cultivation of opium/poppy bhang etc in the state. This is quite evident from the regular seizures, that too in large quantities during the past couple of months. It is pertinent to mention here that the number of cases related to the drug trafficking has witnessed a giant increase during the past few years. It is a fact that the menace of Drug Abuse is spreading like a cancer in the society today. Going by the statistics as on date, there is a dire need to deal with it on a war footing across the globe. While the position across the world is quite dismal on this front, the condition in India including the state of Jammu and Kashmir is all the more disappointing. There is a dire need to analyze the series of events that have led this state to the present dismal situation on account of drug menace. According to surveys and studies conducted during the previous decade especially according to a UN report, over one million heroin addicts are registered in India while unofficially the number could exceed five million. There is hardly any form of drug abuse existing across the globe that has not found entry into India including its crown state of Jammu and Kashmir thus making the lives of addicts mostly the youth most miserable. This menace received great impetus during the peak militancy period and continues even today due to the fact that the drug mafia plays a vital role in funding the terrorists across the world that facilitates the trafficking of drugs across international borders. However it would be quite unjust only to blame cross border terrorism for the ingress of this menace into this state and other parts of India. After all why the law enforcement agencies have failed to combat this menace proactively? The way this menace is spreading there is every reason to believe that those manning the law enforcement agencies are either in deep slumber or else there is a strong nexus between the drug mafia and the enforcement agencies. Just making a seizure or two daily is only a drop of the ocean of drugs making ingress into this state and such action is far from being sufficient to curb the menace. Even the state Judiciary has expressed concern over the low level conviction in cases under NDPS Act. It is hoped that the government becomes proactive, takes up this issue with utmost seriousness and reformulates its strategy to get rid of this menace at the earliest.