The Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu having already displayed his immense acumen in fiscal matters concerning Jammu and Kashmir, once again the people are having high expectation of the fiscal pundit so far as the coming budget is concerned. It is hoped that the budgetary exercise that has already commenced with pre-budgetary meetings, deliberations and discussions is going to produce marvellous results provided full care is taken of the genuine suggestions and proposals put forth by the various stakeholders including the business associations as well as the common citizens. It is an undeniable fact that Dr Haseeb Drabu has set an example of a model approach towards evolving a practicable budget leaving least scope for delays and wastage in arriving at the upto date status of receipts and expenditures, etc in one go and it was because of this attractive feature that the scheme adopted by Dr Drabu was emulated by many other states across the nation. The Budget 2018-19 is expected to be really a model budget and it is hoped that it would be a people-friendly and welfare budget. While pre-budget interactions are vital for receiving inputs, suggestions and to know the expectations of the stakeholders but most of the times it has been observed that the stakeholders represent their concerns with a bit of over-expectation as a result of which they feel disappointed later. Various suggestions will be received by the finance minister from representatives of Trade, Industry, Transport, Intellectuals, Academicians, Employees, etc and it is expected that these will be duly considered by his Budgetary team while finalizing the budget. In the precarious political situation faced by the state today, every individual of the society be it business men, employees, industrialists or any common man has hopes pinned to the finance minister now. The essence of a democracy lies in according topmost priority to the common man in all matters including the all important budget. It is hoped that the issues namely Ease of Doing Business, financial support to sick public sector enterprises, provision of special medical insurance scheme for all state government employees, PSUs and casual employees, removal of pay anomalies, simplifying tax procedures besides Amnesty schemes for tax recoveries, adopting environment friendly technologies, encouraging exports, besides others will be definitely addressed to the extent possible. With the budget session starting on January 2 Next Year, it is expected that the fiscal document for 2018-19 will be an AAM AADMI’s BUDGET providing respite to the common people of this state including the students and the housewives managing their kitchen budgets.