Centre’s interlocutor should hold talks with Hurriyat, ‘terrorists’: Mir

Jammu, Jan 11: PDP MLA from Wachi Constituency Aijaz Mir on Thursday triggered a controversy by asserting that special representative (interlocutor) appointed by the Centre should hold talks with Hurriyat and “terrorists” too to resolve the Kashmir issue. “I feel that interlocutor (Dineshwar Sharma) should hold talks with Hurriyat and also the terrorists,” Mir told reporters outside the Legislative Assembly.
He said, “People have different opinions about the terrorists .. like how many of them are killed. But, where they (terrorists) come from … they are residents of Jammu and Kashmir.”
The Legislator said, “they are our own children. Their killings doesn’t give us happiness. This is our collective failure.”
“For how long it will continue? We beat the drum about eliminating 200 terrorists but this process will continue. It has to stop somewhere,” said the PDP leader, adding that Kashmir issue was political and should be resolved “politically”.
“We will get nothing out of killings of either civilians or terrorists,” he said and added, “all Kashmiris and terrorists who belongs to Kashmir are our brothers.”
On recent attack on his (MLA) House, he said, “this was due to ideological difference. There is an ideological difference and clash out of which the attacks occur.”
The PDP MLA further said, “we speak of India and they speak of something else. Talks can resolve the issues. Unless we don’t hold dialogues, I don’t feel issues will be sorted out.”
He further said, ”We also have sympathy for security personnel being martyred in Kashmir, adding, “families of everyone — either a security personnel or a terrorist — feel sad when their children are lost.”
The MLA however, termed all those who get killed in Kashmir (civilians, terrorists) as “martyrs”. He added that he was not doing any vote bank politics. (UNI)