It is really an irony that those having only scanty knowledge of religion and allied affairs have become self styled expert interpreters of religion and continue to hijack every measure brought forth by the government for the welfare of the common people of a particular community thus depriving them of the valuable rights and benefits. It needs to be realized by the people at large irrespective of their religious or other affiliations that interpretation of any philosophy if left to those who have not only superficial knowledge of the related affairs but also whose sole objective is to ensure that an atmosphere of hate continues to prevail so that such fringe elements remain relevant, then a nation and its people are undoubtedly heading towards a disastrous situation no better than a doom. This applies aptly to our nation today as there are politicians though quite less in number, who are hell bent upon vitiating the atmosphere across the nation. The interpretation of religions seems to have fallen in the hands of those whose sole objective is to build atmosphere of hate. Outfits across the nation with a very few exceptions continue to build their politics on the basis of hate and they in fact are hate-mongers, who have no love for the stability of the state, the nation or its people. It is quite unfortunate that these hate-mongers who are a drag on country’s development are ruling the roost at the cost of people’s resources least bothering about the imminent bloodshed and mayhem which their irresponsible interpretations and statements can lead to by pitting people of different communities against each other on the basis of religious intolerance that these people have been propagating. What such elements want to achieve by making provocative statements is not difficult to fathom but the unfortunate thing is that such people least bother for the disastrous potential of their deeds for the state, the nation and its people. Neither provocation nor the reaction by them is justified under any circumstances. Such fringe elements need to realize that abusing each other or the communities or religions will serve no purpose at all except leading to disintegration of the great nation by virtue of which they continue to use or misuse the freedom of speech enshrined in its constitution. Here it would not be out of place to mention that festivals of different communities continue to be celebrated together enthusiastically by people of all religions in India with everything going on peacefully. Who could have been a better spokesperson of our culture and civilisation than the late President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan? By dint of his profound knowledge on the subject he made even the western philosophers to acknowledge these greatest values having become an inseparable part of Indian culture and civilization. In fact it would not be wrong to say that diversity in the country is one of the most important factors that have held together for ages this civilization of many languages, races, religions, with diverse anthropological features. While every Indian irrespective of the religion to which he or she belongs must advocate tolerance and inter-religious reverence, it is high time that the self styled interpreters of religion take lesson from the utterances of great philosophers and thinkers and issue statements, declarations or fatwas based upon facts and rationality which would be in the interest of the people at large as well as in their own better interest.