r 9 categories of casuals including daily-rated, casual, seasonal, HDF (Hospital Development Fund) and local fund workers, NYCs, land donors, ITI workers and ad-hoc/contractual appointees left-out under the J&K Civil Services (special provisions) Act 2010 for want of eligibility criteria, to benefit from Regularization Policy
r They will be designated as General Service Assistants (GSAs) after regularization
r GSAs to get a minimum monthly remuneration of Rs 10000 and a maximum of Rs 24000 depending on their skills and length of engagement
r They will be entitled to an annual hike of 3% on remuneration
r They shall be covered under NPS along-with Employer’s Share to be contributed by the Govt
r They shall be entitled to Leave & Medical Reimbursement benefits
r The service bio-data/ records of a GSAs shall be maintained at the level of Head of Office in each department in the form of a Service Book
r The GSAs shall continue in a department upto the age of 60 years
r For purposes of conduct, discipline and appeal, a GSA shall be regulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Jammu & Kashmir Civil Services (Employees) Conduct Rules.