SKIN AT 40s and 50s

This is the age when the harmonal changing leave their marks on your body and skin.Even if you past your age you can still turn back the clock and undo sings of damage. It’s like keeping your body into shape. Focus on both strength and hydration as well as spots and wrinkles. Select cleanser that exfoliates the skin surface .If you have been following the regime for the last two decades forty is new 30. In your 30s your skin’s inherit machinery –things like skin has its natural rate off cell renwal and collagen production then it starts to down shift . Add a hydrating serum to your regime . You need to increase your moisture- trapping molecules in your dermis, like hyaluronic acid which starts to diminish in 40s. Go for richer anti oxidants and suncream. Retire the oilfree liquids and go for thicker creamer version. An eye cream is a must in your 40s. Many would feel at this stage upper eye lids are more lax than they used to be, so preferably one eye cream with retinol or retinoldehyde a milder form of vit A would help to improve crow’s feet. A night cream or mask before bed world soothe and hydrate skin. Chemical anti aging peels help to peel and boost skin collagen .
Fractional resurfacing laser to reducs wrinkles.
Facial feature contouring with toxins and hyaluronic acid maintain skin elasticity. HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) helps to lift sagging skin.
Botox fillers
Regular checkup with
Healthy sleeping & eating habits will helps reduce melasma & pigmentation .
Use sun protection.
Drink lots of water, green tea and add plenty of antioxidants in your diet.
Shivani Gupta Beauty Coach
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