Natrang stages ‘Maut Ki Saza’

JAMMU, DEC 17: Natrang presented performance of Hindi play ‘Maut Ki Saza’ today. The play has been written by Sudarshan Majathia and directed by Neeraj Kant. Intelligently designed sets and balanced acting by actors enhanced overall impact of the performance. The play starts in a court-room where a lady is convicted of murder but she denies the charges. She hires an advocate to plead her case and ensure her win. After detailed and dramatic hearing of the case and going through the allegations and counter allegations of both the lawyers, the Judge finds the lady not guilty of murder and sets her free from charges. It appeared that the play is finished with favourable judgment but the story takes a dramatic turn during conversation of the lady with her advocate where it was revealed that in reality, the lady had committed the murder and her advocate was aware of the fact. Even after knowing this, he wins the case for her to prove his efficiency in manipulating the law. This raises questions on authenticity of the judicial system on which people have their faith. Even after winning the case, the lady loses everything as her husband files divorce papers, as soon as he comes to know her reality.
The actors who acted in the play included Meenakshi Bhagat, Bhisham Gupta, Shivam Singh, Manoj Kumar, Shivam Sharma, Vrinda Sharma, Arti Devi, Zeeshan Haider, Toyab Hussain and Sushant Singh. The lights were designed by Brijesh Avtar Sharma, sets were designed and executed by Shivam Singh and Bhisham Gupta and Music was rendered by Vrinda Sharma. Deepali Sharma did the presentations and the show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.