Arti, Jaikara will not stop in Amarnath ji shrine: Harsh

JAMMU, DEC 17: Expressing indignation over dangerous bids of secessionist forces to erase cultural heterogeneity and intensify eradication of ‘Shaivism’ from Kashmir, a contingent of Panther activists including women led by Chairman JKNPP, Harsh Dev Singh alongwith several leaders staged an aggressive protest demonstration at Exhibition Ground in Jammu today. The leaders accused the State Govt. and BJP in particular for executing nefarious designs of separatists by subjugating Hindus in the State for loaves of power. Meanwhile, the agitated protestors torched effigy of the Saffron party to express their anger and resentment.
Accusing BJP of colluding with the Kashmir centric forces to carry forward their separatist agenda, Harsh Dev Singh lambasted the Saffron brigade for being hand in glove with its ally PDP to push the State towards radicalization on communal ideology. He regretted that the BJP Govt. recently issued a nasty order through the NGT which had declared the Amarnath ji shrine in Kashmir a ‘silence-zone’ to prohibit religious offerings beyond entry-point under garb of preserving ecology of the Himalayas. “The whimsical order similar to ‘Tughlaki farman’ had sent shock-wave to entire Hindu fraternity while raising apprehensions that how could such order come to force when there was no adverse impact on the eco-system despite holy Amarnath ji yatra had been going on since ages. NGT’s unwarranted intervention in the religious rituals of the Hindus had not only hurt their sentiments but was also unconstitutional in nature,” Harsh said adding further that ‘Arti’ and ‘Jaikara’ shall not stop come what may.
Admonishing the BJP for taking U-turn on its core ideology, Harsh divulged that the Saffron party which always trumpeted itself as ‘Saviour of Hindus’ had been exposed for treachery ever since it had assumed power in J&K. He pointed out that denial of Abhinav-Gupt Yatra in Kashmir last year, attempts to change nomenclature of Shankracharya temple to ‘Takht-e-Suleman in Srinagar, incentives for militants while empty-coffers for martyrs and gallows for nationalists, service-tax akin to ‘Jazia’ on helicopter services to Hindu shrines, refusal of Amarnath Highway and declaration of Amarnath cave as silence zone by proxy order, etc narrated sordid tale of BJP’s servile surrenders before the separatist forces. While warning BJP to quit Government, Singh asserted that Panthers party shall continue to challenge the obnoxious proxy order and thwart all such designs which encouraged the communal forces in Kashmir. He said that JKNPP shall launch an aggressive movement in case it continued to appease secessionists and communal forces ruling the roost in the valley.