Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel capital in US policy shift, reaches out to West Asia leaders

Washington, Dec 6: President Donald Trump will announce on Wednesday that the United States recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, upending decades of American policy and disregarding public appeals and warnings from allies in the region and outside. Trump will also announce that the US is relocating its embassy from Tel Aviv, where most countries including India have their main diplomatic missions, to Jerusalem — a process that, officials have said, could take upwards of three or four years. In recognition of the sensitive nature of the announcements, the United States is boosting the security of its facilities and officials and has warned its citizens to take adequate precaution where ever they were if travelling abroad. Trump conveyed his decision, which he will announce in a speech from the White House on Wednesday afternoon (11:30pm India time), to the leaders of the Palestinian National Authority, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Israel in a series of phone calls through the day.
Trump was told in unequivocal terms by all but Israel that the announcement would be a mistake and would complicate an already complex situation and make peace more difficult to achieve. Palestinians, who have claims on East Jerusalem, have announced the start of three “days of rage” in protest. French President Emmanuel Macron had conveyed his concerns to Trump earlier on Monday.Senior administration officials said the decision, which fulfils an important campaign promise, was an acknowledgement of the “historical and current reality” and insisted it will not have any bearing on the boundaries of future Israeli and Palestinian states as negotiated under a final status agreement and all other disputes. “it doesn’t change the status quo”. Israel claims Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish nation for 3,000 years, and the city’s western parts, called West Jerusalem, is the seat of the government, hosting the offices of the prime minister and many government departments and the Knesset, the country’s legislature. Agencies