Kashmir youths arrested with 38.18-kg charas by NCB in Jammu

GJ Report
Jammu, Nov 16: The sleuths of Narcotics Control Bureau arrested two Kashmiri youth traveling in a luxurious car with contraband of charas here on city outskirts.
“Jammu and Kashmir State, Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt, of India, Zonal Unit, Jammu seized 35.180 kgs of charas and arrested two persons,” a NCB official said here on Thursday.
He identified the arrested persons as Sameer Khan and Faizan Rafiq, both residents of Anantnag.
“The duo was travelling in a luxurious car (CH01AC-3568) from National Highway, Parmandal Morh Jammu outside state,” he added.
He further said that a total of 36 packets of charas were recovered from the cavity specifically made beneath the rear seat and in the boot of the car.
“Out of the total packets, 15 packets were marked as Zakir Traders wrapped with brown cellotape while 15 marked as MD and remaining six packets of charas were wrapped with white, red and yellow tape,” he asserted.
The arrested persons have been produced in the Court and further lodged in the District Jail Jammu for judicial custody.
“It has been revealed by the arrested persons that the origin of the drug was Kashmir Valley and it was destined to Nasik (Maharashtra),” he added.
The NCB official said that it was second seizure of the charas continuously in the month of Oct as from Jan, 2017 to till date in which a total quantity of 115.872 kgs of charas has been seized and a total 17 persons have been arrested.
Besides, Codorex syrup and spasmo proxyvon plus capsules having quantity 560 bottles and 296 bottles and 4704 capsules have also been affected in the month of March, 2017 from Toll Plaza, Lakhanpur and one seizure of 200 kgs of Poppy straw from Narwal area in July, 2017 respectively.
“The drug was destined either to Nasik, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Ajmer or Delhi, shows the linkage between the interstate drug traffickers while all out efforts are being taken by the unit to unearth the nexus of interstate drug traffickers,” he maintained.