PHE regularization lists being manipulated, tempered with: Harsh

JAMMU, NOV 14: Accusing the PHE Department of fudging the records of casual, need based and daily rated workers while processing the same for regularization, JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister Harsh Dev Singh has alleged large scale manipulations in the finalization of the said lists particularly in PHE Division Udhampur. He said that in blatant circumvention of the procedures and prescribed guidelines, the unscrupulous officers of the said Deptt had prepared the lists as per their whims and fancies so as to suit their own vested interests. He said that while hundreds of bonafide CP workers and other DRWs had been ignored, the names of several ineligible workers had been incorporated in the list so as to wrongfully confer upon then the benefits of regularization.
Claiming to be in possession of sufficient evidence to prove his point, Singh said that hundreds of fake names had been incorporated in the lists submitted by PHE Division Udhampur to the concerned authorities for regularization. He regretted that while blue eyed candidates had found their entry through back door in the said lists, there were no takers for the grievances of the genuine candidates whose representations had been thrown into the dustbin. He lamented that political influence and money power were reported to be the major considerations for inclusion in the process of regularization. He said that there were reports of Rs 2 lakh per candidate being charged from fresh candidates for inclusion in the lists proposed for regularization which however needed a through enquiry.
Describing PHE Department as a den of corruption, Harsh Dev Singh said that PHE Division Udhampur in particular had crossed all limits of notoriety with none to take cognizance despite repeated public cries.
Calling for personal indulgence of the Chief Minister into the entire gamut of regularizations not only in PHE but in other Departments as well, Singh that any kind of cheating with the unemployment youth of the state by reckless officers could prove disastrous and highly counterproductive.