Thousands participate in Chelum-e-Hussaini in Kargil

KARGIL, NOV 10: The Arbayeen (Chelum) of Grand-Son of Prophet Mohammad, Hazrat Imam Hussain and his 72 diehard companions was observed with religious spirit, commitment and value throughout Kargil.
Thousands of people from various parts of Kargil took out mourning processions which passed through Islamia School Kargil, Imam Khomenie Chowk and Lal Chowk before concluding at Inqilab Manzil and Hussaini Park.
The processions were taken out under banners of Anjuman Jamiyat Ullama Asna Ashriya Kargil and Imam Khomeni Memorial Trust Kargil.
President Islamia School Kargil, Hujjatul Islam threw light on motive of commemorating the day and said that philosophy of Karbala teaches us to wake up against any kind of injustice and terrorism.
He thanked youth of Kargil for organizing Majalis and processions from 1st Muharram to Chelum-e-Hussaini and informed that participating in these activities inculcate Hussaini character among us, which is needed in this world.
He also thanked the district administration and concerned authorities for making proper arrangements for Chelum-e-Hussaini.
Deputy Commissioner Kargil, Haji Gulzar Hussain, while speaking on the occasion said that District Administration has made all arrangements including drinking water facility, cleanliness of procession route, Health Camps besides other for the mourners.
SSP Kargil, T Gyalpo said that Police has deployed adequate number of personnel along the route to ensure security and peaceful conclusion of Chelum.
Meanwhile volunteers of various organizations were seen offering tea and water enroute procession.
Arbaeen, meaning the fortieth in Arabic, is observed 40 days after Ashura, the tenth day of the lunar calendar month of Muharram, when Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, was martyred at the hands of tyrant of the time in seventh century. Imam Hussein is a highly-venerated figure not only among Shia Mulims but also Sunnis, Christians and the people of other faiths.