Work on world’s highest railway bridge over Chenab River enters significant phase

REASI, NOV 5: The work on the highest railway bridge in the world coming over Chenab River as part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project in progress with unique design features has entered a significant phase with Member Engineering Wing M.K. Gupta conducting the Pujan to inaugurate the construction on the terminal of the bridge here today. This Chenab Bridge is 359 Meters above river bed and will have an arch span of 467 Meters.
This endeavour towards rail alignment in the State of J&K is the culmination of large number of Tunnels and Bridges, which are to be constructed in highly rugged and mountainous terrain with most difficult Himalayan Geology.
The alignment in the Katra-Qazigund section crosses deep gorge of Chenab River near Salal Hydro Power Project, which necessitates construction of a long span bridge. The configuration of steel arch has been selected on account of aesthetics, economy and availability of expertise and construction materials. The bridge has Unique Design Features. The span of this bridge is almost four times the span which is available at present in Indian Railways.
Special features are being used in the design of Chenab Bridge. Construction involves use of Concrete filled trusses, which is being used for the first time in India.
The overall length of Chenab Bridge is 1315m having 17 spans, in which one span of main arch portion across Chenab River is of 467m length. The total length of the bridge is 1315 metres and the construction of the bridge involves a total steel fabrication of 25,000 MT.
The viaduct portion of the bridge at Srinagar end comprises of straight and curved portion. The curvilinear portion of viaduct is located on the extremely sharp curve of 2.74 degree.
The curved portion of viaduct portion has been launched by end launching using launching nose. This is the first time in India that this technique has been successfully carried out with fabrication work of the super structure of this viaduct by installing and commissioning of an extremely efficient and technically superior workshop at the site.
Three Massive Workshops for undertaking fabrication of steel structure have been commissioned at Srinagar end of bridge and fabrication work is in progress.
For launching purpose, arrangements in the form of pylons with cable cranes spanning the entire gorge have been completed successfully.
It is worth mentioning that the height of pylon at Srinagar end is 127m, which is much higher than the height of Qutub Minar (72m).
Steel Fabrication workshop, Surandi at Srinagar end of the bridge has been commissioned and fabrication of piers is under way.
Height of the steel pier of main arch to be provided on foundation at Katra is of the tune of 133m, which is much taller than Qutub Minar.