Maha Rally on Nov 6 will change state politics: Panthers Party

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party president Balwant Singh Mankotia on Wednesday said that Maha Rally in Jammu to be held on November 6 will change political scenario in the state.
Gearing up the party cadre, former MLA, Mankotia said that November 6, Maha rally at Jammu will change the state politics and said, “people are fed up with the wrong policies and discriminatory attitude of ruling political parties will support the separate Jammu state demanded launched by the Panthers party in Jammu region.”
Mankotia led Haq-Insaaf Yatra for ‘Separate Jammu State’ demand reached Udhampur constituency wherein, he said that people from 37 constituencies and 10 districts of Jammu region will raise the demand during the Maha Rally.
Mankotia said, “earlier separate Jammu state demand was raised but only remained confined to small towns and few villages of the region. First time people from each nook and corner will jointly blow the bugle of separate Jammu state demand for seeking right and justice.”
He blamed that political parties after getting mandate of people deceived them for personal gains.
People of the Jammu region are now fed up with the Kashmir and New Delhi based parties and now they are looking towards NPP for justice.
Mankotia said that Nov 6 Maha rally will change the politics of state and now its responsibility of people of Jammu region to ensure their presence in the huge rally for separate Jammu state demand. People who voted in favour of BJP with a hope that national party will address their grievances of discrimination, unemployment and development, but unfortunately BJP ditched the people’s mandate and surrenders his own ideology for sake of power.
People are fed with the policies of Kashmir and national parties and NPP will firmly come to the expectations of people.
Keeping in view the grievances of people of Jammu region, NPP launched aggressive campaign for separate Jammu state demand and getting huge support from every corner of Jammu province.