Terrorism should be eradicated from the country in next 5 yrs: Rajnath

Hyderabad, Oct 30: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh asserted on Monday that in the next five years extremism, terrorism and communalism should be rooted out from the country.
Terror groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda were killing innocent people in different parts of the world besides the threat of the use of nuclear weapons also loomed large, he said while addressing the passing out parade of the Indian Police Service (IPS) probationers at the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy here.
Singh said, “We will have to find a lasting solution for terrorism and militancy and we have started working in that direction. Even India is not unaffected with terror acts. The training given to terrorists in a neighboring country has become a major challenge to the nation.”
The world was facing major challenges pertaining to security which included terrorism, cyber terrorism and radicalisation, the minister added.
He announced that his ministry would provide Rs five crore to the welfare society of the Academy.
He also said that noting that India is not “unaffected” by global terrorism and the country’s intelligence and security agencies have so far foiled all nefarious plans of terror group ISIS.
The next five years would be crucial for resolving challenges related to terrorism and communalism, especially in Jammu and Kashmir, the northeast and the left-wing extremism- affected areas, he said.
The graduating cadets should take a vow to eradicate such problems, Singh said.
“Today, the world is engulfed by the fear of terrorism and radicalisation. Outfits such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are killing innocent people across the globe and there is a threat from nuclear arms. People are facing issues of cyber attacks. These organisations are continuously coming out with newer ideas,” the Union minister said.
“ISIS has been successful in spreading its network in some parts of the world. ISIS-related networks are using newer ways (to spread their network). Our country is not unaffected by these developments. Our neighbouring country is harbouring and aiding terrorism which has become an additional challenge,” Singh said.
“But our intelligence and security agencies have thwarted and succeeded against all attempts by such forces (to carry out terrorist attacks or other kinds of disruption),” he said.
Singh said, “ISIS modules were busted in our country and those associated with it were arrested, foiling all their plans. Compared to other countries, a very small number has been impacted due to ISIS’s radical ideology, thanks to our strong social and rich cultural values. The credit goes to our countrymen.”
He also flagged the menace of fake news and attempts to spread radical ideology through the Internet.
The government has notched up certain gains against terrorism and the left-wing extremism in recent times, and there is a need to maintain this momentum, the Union minister said.
The Centre recently allocated Rs 25,000 crore for modernisation of police force, Singh noted.
He advised the IPS probationers to follow four principles — hard work, honesty, positive attitude and judicious decision-making — in their career.
Singh also announced a grant of Rs 5 crore for the NPA Welfare Society on this occasion.
As many as 136 probationers, including 14 from other countries, graduated from the academy today after undergoing training for 45 weeks. (UNI/PTI)