After having been in an inert state for the past about six months since the Darbar moved to Srinagar, the administration in the City of Temples will once again come out of deep slumber to face lift the winter capital which is scheduled to welcome the Darbar 6th November. Repair work of roads, road markings, road dividers, traffic signal lights and almost everything else that had gone into hibernation state shall soon become active for the people’s representatives be it the law makers or even the top bureaucracy that will soon be here in the city of temples for a six months’ sojourn at the cost of the tax payers’ hard earned money. Sometimes one gets compelled to acknowledge the stark reality that we the people are deaf, dumb, blind and what else not that the chance of our arising and awakening seems to be quite bleak. Unfortunately we have got used to being treated as the obedient herd of cattle by those in governance and we treat the wretched condition of the road right from the homes to offices and other destinations as part of our destiny. Why is it that the works are carried out only for those sitting in the seats of Darbar? Why the concerned are not doing anything about it during Darbar’s absence from the winter capital and abruptly the concerned departments come into full swing, trying to patch up the roads in every possible way that they could to make the movement of the VIPs more than smooth, least bothering for the common people living in this city. While crores of rupees are spent every year on the exercise called “The Darbar Move” not even crumbs are expended on maintaining the roads and other facilities in the city when Darbar is in the summer capital. It would not be wrong to say that Darbar on moving to Srinagar drags with it the development, the growth, the progress, the expansion and the revival of the necessities and the essentials of the life in this winter capital and the same is true of summer capital. Despite a couple or more Ministers deputed by rotation to attend to people in the absence of Darbar, the people’s agonies continue to remain unheard. But once these VIPs are again set to return, the administration keeps the various departments on their toes to get the City of Temples prepared for the Darbarees’ six month sojourn. It is hoped that the government will shun such attitude of remaining carefree and unworried about the ordinary people of this temple city during the absence of Darbar. Undoubtedly there are bleak chances of this happening unless we the people shun behaving as deaf, dumb, blind and mute and awaken and arise to take our representatives in governance to task. After all at the end of six years they will be coming back to us to ensure their berth in the seat of governance; Only we need is to realize the power of ballot and its proper use.