Dismiss BJP-PDP govt for glorification of secessionist: Harsh

JAMMU, OCT 12: With Asiya Andrabi having been portrayed and projected as a role model, alongwith other prominent women personalities of the country, in a state govt function organized in Kashmir, there remained little doubt as to who were the rulers in the state of J&K, said Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He observed that the said episode, had unfolded the bitter reality that BJP and PDP were acting as mere agents of the separatists and it was the latter whose writ was running in the state. He said identification of women personalities for “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” campaign is a carefully and well thought exercise and could not have been possible without the approval of the govt which is now trying to shirk responsibility under public and media pressure. He said that a CDPO was being made a sacrificial lamb by the govt by deflecting the blame to her and by suspending her which was totally unacceptable. He said that the incumbent BJP-PDP govt had to accept the responsibility for glorification of such secessionists and anti nationals and step down for such an anti national and seditious exhibition.
Strongly condemning the portrayal of Asiya Andrabi as a women achiever with women legends like Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar, Habba Khatoon and Kalpana Chawla, Harsh Dev Singh said that the saffron flavoured govt had done the greatest dis-service to the nation. He regretted that while the daughter’s of Jammu having won laurels at international level including Shakti Sharma, Rachna Jamwal, Sana Dua, Anjusha Sharma, Tanya Gupta, Dr Meenu Gupta were conveniently forgotten, a secessionist and Pak agent Asiya Andrabi was featured as role model for women.
Reiterating his demand for dismissal of the unethical BJP-PDP govt, Singh said that having been established that it was working under the dictates of the separatists, it had lost its moral, legal and constitutional right to continue in office.