Six fresh cases of braid chopping in Kashmir

Srinagar: Six fresh braid chopping incidents were reported on Tuesday in Kashmir valley, where protesters, mostly women, took to streets at various places against alleged failure of the government to make any headway even after about 60 such incidents in over a month.
Director General of Police (DGP) S P Vaid, besides other senior police officers in the valley have cited non-cooperation of victims, their families and general public as the reason behind no success in solving any of these cases.
Meanwhile, with no letup in braid chopping incidents, fear has gripped the valley, where many people, including two women, were thrashed by mobs at various places in the last over a week.
A 70-year-old man lost his life to this hysteria after he was hit by a brick outside his house as people mistook him as a braid chopper in the valley, where local society committees have started night watch initiatives to track suspicious movement in their respective areas.
Beggars and rag-pickers have also disappeared in the Valley fearing wrath of the locals, who otherwise welcoming, see every new face with suspicion.