Shooting of ‘Sub Jugandar Singh’ starts in Drass

DRASS, OCT 9: Shooting of ”Sub Jugandar Singh”, a film based on the India-China War 1962 , began here. Under Director Sunasrjeet Singh and Art Director Rasheed, the shooting of the film is being conducted at best location. About 300 crew members have been working day and night. Drass is the 2nd coldest place of world and turning point of Kargil war 1999. Some south films shooting also started here. Punjabi actor and singer Jugander Balla is playing the role of Sub Jugandar Singh. Jugandar Singh played great role during India-China War 1962 and got highest award on his sacrifices with 22 Jawans. He killed more than 500 Chinese Soldiers. Crew team appreciated the approach of people.