Yet again it has come to light that all is not going smoothly so far as the recruitment process in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is concerned which is already facing unemployment problem despite an army of educated and well qualified youth. This is evidenced by the dismay expressed by the Minister for FCS&CA and Information Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali last week over the delay in the selection process of 403 posts referred by the Information, FCS&CA and LMD to Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board. The Minister’s concern is fully justified because as per him, despite getting all the Government support there has been delay in selection by Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board and of course this is totally unwarranted. The information provided to the Minister can be highly disturbing by any yardstick especially when it is revealed that since 2005 Information Department has referred 205 posts under different categories to SSB, out of which selection process of 49 has been completed, while the process for the rest 156 is pending. Likewise, it was revealed that the selection process of 233 posts referred by FCS&CA to the board is yet to be initiated besides 14 posts of LMD also pending with SSB for the selection. Thus situation could be similar so far as recruitment in other departments is concerned. Such delays undoubtedly put a question mark on the functioning of the entire recruitment system. There are many unemployed youth in the state whose career gets adversely affected due to delay in the selection process. With the ever increasing graph of unemployment be it due to the rising population accompanied by other multiple factors or the government’s failure to come up with some comprehensive policy on the issue, the facts revealed clearly indicate the reasons for failure to address this vital issue. In such a situation it would not be wrong to say that it is more difficult to get a job as a peon in J&K than getting admission into the world famous Harvard. Being citizens of the world’s youngest country with lakhs of young men and women possessing decent qualifications fighting even for low cadre jobs, it is high time that we all ponder over this serious matter and rethink our governance priorities and the policy makers take some time to meticulously plan a comprehensive policy taking due care of achieving both short as well as long term results. The policy would deliver the desired results only if it is planned by focussing more on regional potentials for expanding the employment avenues, be it tourism or other sectors in this state. In this regard Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture sectors have the greatest potential of addressing the unemployment issue but the same has not been fully tapped till date. While the politicians and the Union as well as state governments need to make this issue as their topmost priority and address this issue by bringing in drastic reforms before it rattles the whole system. However, first and foremost it is hoped that as responsible bodies it is imperative that the recruitment agencies expedite the selection of the referred posts within a stipulated time frame failing which not much can be expected in addressing the unemployment problem in the state.