While the nation has succeeded in creating a niche for itself in every field and has become a force to reckon with at the global level today, yet it is quite unfortunate that it continues to battle against the cancer of corruption that has assumed monstrous dimensions. While the selected fiscal beneficiaries of corruption feel that it is an easy source for their economic upgradation they do not understand and realize that even more thriving economy can be created by controlling this kind of corruption through proper systemic restraints as a result of which every individual in the society will be the beneficiary as it will thrive the Indian economy on the whole and not only a selected class. The unscrupulous class indulging in this social evil should not undermine the adage ‘Corruption breeds Poverty and Poverty breeds Corruption.’ India during its freedom struggle showed to the whole world that Ahinsa or non violence is the best panacea to rid the society of any kind of evil or achieving any goal in the interest of the nation but unfortunately this nation is reeling under a system where corruption rules the roost despite varied efforts by the stakeholders in the society. Corruption in any form including Embezzlement, Nepotism, Bribery, Extortion, Influence, Peddling, Fraud, etc is eating into the vitals of the society in India. It has permeated into the very fabric of the society. There are corrupt businessmen, teachers, engineers, doctors, bureaucrats, politicians and others. However politicians and bureaucrats are most of the times singled out as culprits, the reason being that they are elected and appointed samples of the society and need to show unflinching qualities of integrity, character and uprightness thus proving to be role models for the common masses of this nation. If the things are allowed to move the way they exist then corruption will eventually run wild and cross every limit of condonation. Therefore it is high time that all the stakeholders in the society unite to defeat this hydra headed monster and in such circumstances there is a dire need especially for the politicians and bureaucrats to take lead in this fight for which first and foremost they will have to change their mindset. The alarming situation of corruption across the nation can be well gauged from the observations made by the Bombay High Court last year whereby Justice Arun Chaudhary called on the citizens to launch a non-cooperation movement if the government fails to curb corruption. The Court was absolutely right in observing that the taxpayers are in deep anguish and the government as well as mandarins in corridors of power need to understand their excruciating pain. The Bench further asserted that there is an onerous responsibility on those who govern to prove to the taxpayers that eradication of corruption would not turn out to be a forlorn hope for them. It is a reality that corruption is a hydra-headed monster and it is high time for the citizens to come out together against this miasma. If such miasma continues, taxpayers should refuse to pay taxes through a non-cooperation movement. Though this observation does not form ratio decidendi of the judgement yet as a mere obiter dicta it has far reaching consequences. Therefore it is high time that politicians and bureaucrats take lead in the fight against corruption and take this fight to its logical conclusion so that Judiciary no more needs to make such observations.