Police increases bounty to Rs 6 lakhs

Srinagar, Oct 2: The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Sunday doubled the bounty to R 6 lakhs for providing any information about the mysterious braid chopping incidents that has gripped the Valley.
“Incidents of mysterious braid cutting occurred in south and central Kashmir. Police announce reward upto s 6 lakh for info on people behind incidents,” said SP Vaid, DG Police.
Police, investigating the braid-chopping incidents, fear that it could incite violence and anti-India protests.
“Special police teams have been deputed in Anantnag and Kulgam. Helpline numbers have also been set up,” said Vaid.
The police had also formed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to investigate the incidents.
Last week, clashes erupted in Anantnag district after reports of braid chopping incidents in the adjoining Kulgam district.
Several girls and women complained of their braid being chopped off. They claim that someone uses a spray to make them unconscious and later cuts of their braided hair.
Hundreds of women across the north Indian belt have complained about their braids being mysteriously chopped off. Nearly 50 incidents of braid-chopping instances have been reported from Jammu and Kashmir alone.