As the nation celebrates Gandhi Jayanti today it is high time for the establishments across the globe, both state and non state actors to realize the significance and relevance of the philosophy propounded by this great Indian, in the present day scenario, when major parts of the world are riddled by violence and terrorism of the worst kind. The whole world stands witness to the fact that despite a massive movement against terrorism launched by the nations across the globe, terrorism continues to thrive even today. The fact remains that violence being perpetrated by the barbaric groups be it Taliban, ISIS, the Al Qaida or any other organization following fundamentalist ideology, has only increased with the Dracula of terrorism spreading its tentacles to the other peaceful areas of the globe with every passing day. In the modern day world a Welfare state with the people living in a peaceful atmosphere is the main objective of every nation, more so in case of nations having adopted a democratic set up and in this regard the Gandhian philosophy is crystal clear so much so that the father of our nation today is an inspiration for leaders across the globe. Gandhiji always considered the welfare of the poor as the centre of his movement for independence and being a worshipper of non-violence clearly understood that violence is no solution for any problem which he proved by dint of his conviction and ability by standing up fearlessly against injustice besides possessing the attributes of not bowing before injustice. In fact this living embodiment of communal harmony had studied the history of many religions and scriptures with the holy Gita inspiring him to follow the Karma based ideology besides being highly impressed by the Karbala incident of Islamic history which he included in his life. While following the path of non-violence solutions to the problems embedded in the Gandhian ideals need to be rediscovered as these are more relevant today in this age of violence and terrorism. Gandhi’s appreciation for cottage industries was because he always thought about the benefit of the poor so that the aim of welfare state could be achieved in the true spirit because he knew that revolution in society or development can be brought only by providing the basic necessities of life to the people at grass root level especially the poor and down trodden. Unfortunately when the big players around the globe are adopting the philosophy of this great saint it seems that his own nation has failed to adopt his philosophy vigorously as a result of which despite our claims of being self sufficient in food a large chunk of our population does not have the resources to purchase the basic necessities like food. Similarly by not taking up the cottage industries initiative on the expected levels and scale the gap between the rich poor continues to widen with each passing day. Polarization and communal tendencies continue to threaten the peaceful atmosphere of the land of this greatest Indian leader. However the Prime Minister deserves all appreciation for making all out efforts to adopt and implement Gandhian principles in true spirit. This is evident from the multiple social security measures launched by him in the form of Pradhan Mantri Jana Dhan Yojana or other like schemes, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, establishing peace in the North east region on the basis of Gandhian philosophy and last but not the least leading a global tirade against terrorism and violence by bringing the world players together to secure a peaceful world. It is hoped that adopting Gandhian philosophy and principles is the ultimate panacea to rein in peace across the globe and the incumbent Indian leadership should relentlessly work at both national as well as International level to disseminate the path shown by the leader. On this day the greatest tribute to the father of the nation would be to take pledge by one and all to adopt and follow his philosophy in principle. As rightly emphasized by the Governor NN Vohra today, undoubtedly the most befitting tribute to the Father of the Nation today would be to revive his values and teachings by re-invigorating and strengthening the bonds of communal harmony, brotherhood and amity and establishing a truly secular environment all over the country.