Focusing on peace imperative for future

Dear Editor,
21st September is observed around the world as the International Day of Peace. The ‘Peace’ means to us not only ‘world peace’ but it means completeness, soundness, prosperity at all levels of our lives. World peace is defined as an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. Today, peace has predominantly become political work towards settlement of issues between the nations through military involvement, cessation of arms and weapons and dialogue on less-violent, civilian matters. Peace has also included some humanitarian efforts that stretch its helping hands to the calamity-hit regions in the world. Today we that all the over the world people crave for peace. The leaders and politicians of the world are trying to achieve world peace. But many difficulties come in the way. It is said that voice of the people is the voice of God. The desire for peace is supreme in their hearts. Powerful countries should give up the race of arming themselves and their friendly countries to the teeth. Peace and prosperity can be attained through the realization of five basic fundamental freedoms, for all people, everywhere in the world. They are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom for the environment, and freedom from fear. Peace is the mother of progress. Without peace a nation cannot make any progress. So peace is ever desirable. World-peace is absolutely necessary. It is said “Peace begins with a smile.” A smile can light up a room, so imagine what a world of smiles can do. If every day, someone does something kind for someone, it will create a ripple effect. Peace is certainly something we must seek. History is a record of wars. Peace is still a dream. People talk of peace but prepare for war. There are a few people who have come to learn that the solutions to the challenges of life are not necessarily found on the outside, but need to come from within. Increasing our love and connection in day-to-day interactions can be the missing piece in the peace equation.
Vinod C. Dixit,
B-15 Jyotikalash Society,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat.