‘Rohingyas may be used by ISIS, don’t interfere in deportation’

NEW DELHI, Sep 14: Some 40,000 Rohingyas, who are refugees from Myanmar, have settled in India.
Rohingyas are a threat to national security, have links with terror groups and are likely to be used by the ISIS, the Central Govern-ment told the Supreme Court today.
The government also said “national interest warrants their deportation” and the court should not “interfere” in the proceedings.
There are intelligence inputs that some Rohingyas are linked with terror groups, the government said. These groups are very active in Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat.
The top court has agreed to hear a plea filed by two Rohingya immigrants, who contend that they were facing persecution in Myanmar and the decision to send them back was in violation of international conventions.
The hearing will be held on Monday. (Agencies)