Centre wouldn’t have dared to talk about Article 35-A if NC was in power: Omar

SRINAGAR, Sep 14: Alleging that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was created to weaken his party after they passed autonomy resolution in the State Assembly, National Conference (NC) working president Omar Abdullah said BJP-led centre would not have dared to talk about Article 35-A or Article 370 had the NC been in power.
“We would not have allowed them (BJP) to talk about Article 35A, let alone hatching a conspiracy to try to abrogate the article though the route of judiciary,” Abdullah, who is the former Chief Minister of the State, said while addressing workers at NC headquarters at Nawa-e-Subh here today.
He questioned the PDP BJP government for its complicity in jeopardizing states special status by ignoring the mutually agreed Agenda of Alliance (AoA).
Abdullah said, “With the way things are going on in our state, it becomes more and more evident that AoA doesn’t exist at all. They promised to revoke AFSPA, get power projects back to state, facilitate talks with all stakeholders, ensure that both India and Pakistan start a dialogue process but nothing happened in that regard. This government is turning out to be a monumental failure at every front. All in all this government has let down everybody including those who voted them to power.”
“The whole politics of PDP BJP government is based on lies. Before 2014 elections, PDP and its leadership asked for votes to stop the BJP onslaught but later joined hands with the same party to form government. When Mehbooba Mufti took over the reigns of this government, she went a step ahead and turned into a mute spectator while right wing forces continue to wage a relentless war on the states special status,” he said.
“When our government passed an autonomy resolution with a majority vote in the legislature in 2000, a vile campaign was started to sabotage our demand. PDP also came into existence for the same purpose which was to weaken states special status,” said Abdullah.
“Since then every effort is being made to polarize the state of Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of region, religion, caste, creed. Polarization being fanned across the length and breadth of the state needs to be stopped before it engulfs our values and robs us of our rights, our sense of dignity and our special constitutional status,” Omar Abdullah said.
Urging people of the state to unite and fight such forces by making every state subject aware about the attempts being made to trample the constitutional guarantees available to the State, Omar Abdullah said.
“Shere Kashmir had predicted it long back that powers that reside in Delhi would make a leader in every nook and corner of the state. This is being done to put one region against another and one religion against another. What we are seeing right now is the physical manifestation of Sheikh Sbs words. We, irrespective of our religion, caste, regions or color, need to be cautious and defeat such forces by being united,” he said.
On development front Omar Abdullah ridiculed the present dispensation on its inept handling of various issues, “what happened to the money released under PMs package? We have schools which are running without teachers and other necessary staff and equipment. People are without water, power in many areas of the state. Hospitals are running short on medicines.”