J&K Ministers behaving like pope of Rome: Harsh

JAMMU, SEP 13: Accusing the J&K Ministers of enjoying power without accountability and responsibility, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister yesterday told the visiting Union Home Minister that arrogance, high handedness, corruption and queer idiosyncrasies of such Ministers were largely responsible for palpable discontent and growing alienation amongst the masses in the state of J&K. He said that wearing a VVIP swagger, the Ministers unabashedly portrayed themselves as rulers rather than as public representatives. He said that democracy had lost its sheen and relevance in J&K with such Ministers acting as unquestionable despots who could slaughter anyone, anywhere. He was addressing a press conference here today.
While interacting with Union Home Minister, Harsh Dev Singh said that while the people suffered worst nightmares due to Pak shelling on borders, the Ministers remained insulated in their cocooned and sanitized world quite unmindful of their woes and sufferings. He said that having lost all connect with their electorates, the J&K Ministers behaved as pope of Rome with occasional appearances being made by them through the media alongwith their fictional accounts of achievements. He apprised the Union Home Minister that despite he (Harsh) being an MLA for 18 years and a former Minister, the present Ministers had never ever responded to his phone calls during the last three years.
Lambasting the BJP Ministers in particular, Harsh Dev Singh said that they conducted themselves as all powerful and self aggrandizing megalomaniacs devoid of all humility. With their unflinching obsequious obsession for self adulation and self admiration, the people often found them averse to questioning with their inflated ego favouring one way communication only. He said that people of Jammu would not tolerate any further surrender over the issues of Art 35A and over deportation of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis.
Raj Nath Singh greeted Harsh Dev Singh by endorsing his issues and with intermittent instructions to Dr Jitendra Singh HMOS, PMO and Dr Nirmal Singh, Dy Chief Minister who were seated beside him to take due cognizance thereof.
Paramjit Marshall State president Panthers Trade Union and Kuldeep Singh Sr NPP leader were also present during the press conference.