Cancel Iran nuclear deal, asks Netanyahu in Argentina

london, Sep 13: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran should be amended or cancelled.
Speaking in Buenos Aires alongside Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Netanyahu said he wanted to correct the impression in recent media reports that Israel`s position on the 2015 deal had softened.
“So let me take this opportunity and clarify. Our position is straightforward. This is a bad deal — either fix it or cancel it. This is Israel`s position.” Netanyahu has repeatedly taken aim at Iran since arriving in Argentina on Monday as the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Latin America. He accused Tehran of operating “a terror machine that encompasses the entire world, operating terror cells in many continents, including Latin America.”
“In the case of Iran, it`s not only merely terror, it`s also the quest for nuclear weapons that concerns us and should concern the entire international community.” In a veiled reference to the US and world powers` preoccupation with North Korea, he said: “We understand the danger of a rogue nation having atomic bombs.” Macri, who hosted Netanyahu at his Casa Rosada presidential palace, said the visit was “an important step” to improve commercial relations between their two countries. As the Israeli government seeks partners and alliances, dozens of left-wing activists waving Palestinian flags protested Netanyahu`s presence in Buenos Aires late Tuesday over his “bellicose and repressive policies” against the Palestinians.Referring affectionately to Macri as “Mauricio, my friend,” the Israeli leader said his visit marked the dawn of a new era — “and not accidentally did we begin it here with you.” Netanyahu, who is accompanied by a 30-member delegation of Israeli business leaders, said Israel was an “innovation nation” eager to share opportunities with Argentina in agriculture, water, IT, cyber security and health. (Agencies)