Sports officer nominated for sports programme in England

JAMMU, SEP 4: The Sports Ministry which has been in the news multiple times has yet again sprung a surprise by nominating a Chief Sports Officer who is one the verge of retirement to attend the Sports Science Programme to be conducted at University of Birmingham in England from 19th August to 2nd September 2017. According to sources there is resentment among the younger candidates as well as some concerned officials besides the sportspersons questioning the justification of nomination of Abdil Qayoom Peer, Chief Sports Officer. They on the condition of anonymity said that one fails to understand as to what benefit the sports aspirants will get from the nominated official who is about to retire. Alleging manipulation and hobnobbing with some high ups in the department of sports and technical education, they said that hundreds of outstanding cricketers, some of them qualified NIS coaches with outstanding performance have been left in the lurch especially in view of the fact that these qualified coaches have still 15 to 25 years service. They said that the proposal was kept confidential for nearly about 4 months to favour the blue eyed officer who is on the verge of retirement. They said that the Chief Minister should take notice of this non-result oriented nomination and find out why the letter received from Sports Authority of India was not given wide publicity.