Bhim Singh wonderstruck by MLAs’ demand

JAMMU: Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party Prof. Bhim Singh has expressed utter surprise over the demand of so-called opposition MLAs in J&K for a special session of the State Assembly on Article 35(A). NPP Supremo reminded that Article 35(A) is in the Indian Constitution and the State Legislature has nothing to do with the formation of an Article in the Indian Constitution.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that even the Parliament of India can do nothing because this Article was inserted by the President of India in 1954 on the recommendation of the Indian Prime Minister. He said that the insertion of Article 35(A) itself was a blunder and highly objectionable amendment in the Constitution of India by the President of India who had no locus to interfere with the Indian Constitution which was the only jurisdiction of the Parliament of India.
Prof. Bhim Singh said the Parliament of India committed its blunder in 1954 and this is the time that President of India should act fearlessly, boldly and in his own right without any delay. President is the only authority to remove Article 35(A) and he must act without delay. The Parliament of India has no locus.