China having returned to status quo ante after its prolonged hollow threats shall prove to be a turning point in the history of power balance in this strategic region as India has undoubtedly exhibited the maturity of highest degree that has given the world’s largest democracy an edge over its arrogant neighbour, only after having granted India a strategic advantage. As a consequence of Chinese irking India at Doklam, the nation has nudged out of sloth. All along the LAC, India has launched itself into a feverish pace to enhance strategic capability and improve its military posture. The nation has been infused with a new confidence and vigour in standing upto its arrogant but powerful neighbour, measure for measure. It is pertinent to mention here that India as of today has ejected herself out of ‘Indo-Pak’ hyphenation and the next superpower has been bracketed into ‘Sino-India’ hyphenation. The political resolve and steely grit displayed by India has taken China, her mandarins and people by surprise. At the international level, India has emerged as the sole power that has stood up and adroitly halted the bellicose expansionist China. This beyond any doubt will add muscle to Indian foreign policy. This period has crystallised the international alliances that India will ride upon to project effective power across the Indian Ocean. China stands totally exposed today by coming across as a blustering, bullying nation working through open but hollow threats instead of mature diplomacy while India has by all means emerged as a quiet, mature and effective power. The best part of this development is that unlike China, India achieved all this without firing a shot or hurling an invective. Had India succumbed to Chinese pressure, it would not only have made more difficult for China’s smaller neighbours to stand up but would have also undermined India’s credibility, first in Bhutan and then in other South Asian neighbours. Both India and Bhutan challenged the changing facts on the ground catching China by surprise, while showing absolute restraint on the ground, The Chinese apprehensions about India having emerged as a power to reckon with in this region were easily visible during the past some time due to which it has been hobnobbing with the rogue state Pakistan against India be it the declaration of rogue elements including organizations as terrorists and terror organizations at the international level or India’s entry into the NSG. The dragons don’t miss any opportunity to show their unflinching support to Pakistan on every Tom, Dick and Harry issue raised by Pakistan against India. It needs to understand that Pakistan is virtually a hollow state today and expecting anything substantial from it means living in a fool’s paradise. How India dealt with the dragons on Doklam issue definitely has resonance in terms of encouraging greater pushback in the region to China’s assertive behaviour. This also might lead to some introspection on the part of Chinese establishment to find out why the rise of China and its behaviour is creating anxieties among its neighbours. The dragons need to realize the drastic change in the ground situation as it exists today. It knows fully that it has been a win for India in Doklam and as such it is issuing ridiculous statements at the official level just to cover up its failure camouflaging it as its success story. It is a fact that today’s India is not the 1962 India and no nation across the globe can dare to take cuzzles with it especially in view of the fact that the Indian foreign policy has witnessed tremendous achievement during the incumbent NDA government’s tenure with every nation across the globe realizing the significance of India’s role in establishing global peace given the fact that India today possesses more experience and expertise in fighting terrorism than any other country. While India is forging ahead well in this region it is high time for the dragons to mend their ways viz-a-viz the world’s largest democracy i.e. India.