Vohra calls for collective effort to ensure stability in J&K

Srinagar, Aug 14: Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra today called for collective efforts from all mainstream political parties to counter the forces who are trying to destabilise the state.
“The collective voice of the various mainstream political parties would assume much greater strength if all the civil society groups in J&K, of whatever kind, also join the cause to negate the agendas of those who seek to de-stabilise the state,” Vohra said on the eve of Independence Day.
He called for introspection by the political parties to assess the net outcome of their policies, their achievements in the past and their targets for future.
“In the backdrop of the prolonged sufferings which the people of the state have been going through, the time has come for every political party in the state to critically assess the net outcome of the policies it has followed in the past and what exactly it seeks to achieve in the future.
“It is a sad reality that in the past years, when the state witnessed recurring turmoil, members of the various political parties, whether in or out of power, failed to muster courage for venturing out of their secure habitats to meet, hear and talk even to their own electors!” he said.
The governor said political parties in the state need to accept the challenge of reaching out to their people winning the hearts, and minds of the youth.
Regretting the loss of lives due to the unrest in Kashmir, Vohra said the recurring disturbances have adversely impacted tourism and trade.
He asserted that Pakistan has continued its support to subversive elements and increased ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC) in the state.
“Alongside the continuing disturbances in the hinterland caused by the activities of separatist groups, Pakistan has maintained its strong support to subversive and terrorist activities and, in the recent past, also very significantly stepped up ceasefire violations and attempts at infiltrating a much larger number of terrorists into Kashmir.
“In the past over a year now, security forces have remained perennially engaged in carrying out counter-terrorist operations, particularly in south Kashmir,” Vohra said.
He also said the education system in the state has suffered irreparable damage on account of the recurring agitations.
“I have held many meetings with teachers and educational administrators and repeatedly appealed that all possible steps must be taken to see that arising problems are not allowed to affect the education of our children,” he added.
The governor, however, noted that despite the severe difficulties faced in the recent years “our boys and girls have been doing extremely well in the various pan-India competitive examinations”.
On the occasion of the 71st Independence Day, Vohra said in the past seven decades, the country has achieved notable development on many fronts and “today, we are the fastest growing among the large economies in the world”.
“I would yet again appeal to the leaders of all the mainstream political parties in the state to shed their differences and urgently join hands, forge an agreed approach and commence meaningful discussions with the leaders of all groups which propagate divergent beliefs,” he said.
Vohra paid homage to the security personnel who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country.