Ankit Love returns to Kashmir with a dream to reunite India-Pakistan by referendum

SRINAGAR, AUG 13: Ankit Love, MTV USA number 1 hit rapper, returned to Kashmir for the first time in seven years, with the dream to reunite India-Pakistan in order to stop the looming threat of a globally apocalyptic nuclear war for Kashmir. A nuclear conflict for Kashmir would destroy the Earth’s ozone layer leaving billions of people dead, and mean the end of human civilization, according to Nobel peace-prize winning scientists at the IPPNW in Boston, USA.
Love attended a meeting of the Panthers Party at their headquarters in Srinagar, the other day as a special guest of Panthers Party patron Prof Bhim Singh. At the meeting, Ankit Love spoke of his dream to reunite India-Pakistan via a democratically conducted referendum, stating that at time of partition in 1947 the people were not consulted prior to their division as was their fundamental democratic right.
A sentiment that was met with unanimous approval, and commend on by the Panthers Party Kashmir region president Farooq Ahmed and Srinagar city president Arif Ali.
Ankit Love stated, “By reuniting India-Pakistan we will resolve the problem of contemporary terrorism globally.” As this would bring peace to the historical source of the issue, which had stemmed from the Kashmir conflict due to the escalation of Cold War in neighboring Afghanistan.