While unemployment continues to be one of the biggest challenges in Jammu and Kashmir with successive governments doling out job policies cracking cruel joke upon the aspiring youth of the state. What is most astonishing is that a new culture has evolved over a period of time in J&K with government servants being re-employed after retirement thus adversely hitting the talent and aspirations of unemployed educated youth of the state. This is happening in the garb of extensions and re-engagement of retired employees from lower to higher rung despite government order banning re-employment. Thus it only adds to the already existing unemployment problem in this state. It is pertinent to mention here that the BJP-PDP government’s recruitment policy too left thousands of unemployed youth disappointed. It needs special mention that the state has more than 6.35 lakh registered unemployed youth. This policy was only stale wine in new bottle as it was predecessor’s policy with a few cosmetic changes. In such a situation extension and re-engagement of retired force is grave injustice and violation of fundamental and human rights of the youth of this state. Like other parts of the country, the youths from J&K can also make a mark by taking up challenging positions in the most competitive and lucrative sectors but where are the job avenues or jobs in this state? In fact there is a need for a policy to create job avenues in the state rather than coming up with the absurd and exploitative job policies. Previously the greatest flaw in recruitment process was inordinate delay in coming up with selection lists of various posts as a result of which a substantial number of applicants had become over-aged by the time the selections were announced. However the incumbent government has succeeded in fast tracking the selections by various recruiting agencies. This is evident from the outcome of the 128th Board meeting of J&K Services Selection Board conducted today whereby 30 selection lists were declared regarding vacancies notified vide various advertisements from 2011to 2015. Moreover, the announcement that another fifty selection lists shall be announced by the end of August is quite appreciative and must have provided respite to substantial number of aspiring candidates. Given the present situation the main issue to be addressed is how to institutionally ensure that careers of educated youth don’t get destroyed due to irrational recruitment policies and inordinately delayed selection process by the different recruitment agencies of the government. There is a dire need to say good bye to extension and re-engagement of retired lot as it clearly encroaches the right of youth of this state in getting suitable employment at appropriate age. While today’s announcement of selection lists besides assurance to declare another fifty lists in this month is an ample indication of Govt’s intention of fast tracking the selection processes, it is hoped that it will also work towards creation of more and better paying jobs in order to ensure decent future to youth of this state failing which they will curse themselves for having been born in this state.