The standoff between the Indian and the Chinese armies at Doklam that seemed to be heading towards the most prolonged standoff between the two neighbours after taking various twists during the past few days has now taken a new turn with India today ordering the villagers living in Nathang village to immediately vacate their houses. The village is just 35 km from Doklam, the site of the two-month old stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops. The development has come in the wake of vitriolic articles published by the Chinese news agency Xinhua and its newspaper Global Times thus resorting to a psychological warfare in order to deter India. An editorial published only the other day in the Global Times, titled ‘New Delhi should come to its senses’ went on to state that the window to peaceful resolution of Doklam stand-off was closing thus clearly issuing a warning probably expecting India to cow down. However India too displayed its unambiguous intention to bang the dragon in case of war. Though the defence forces had been already kept on alert besides reinforcing army in the concerned region, yet today’s decision ordering villagers of Nathang village to vacate their houses should serve as an eye opener for the Chinese establishment which is already losing the psychological war resorted to by it against India. It is really surprising to find the dragon living in a fool’s paradise and getting exposed every day on the issue. A top Chinese diplomat Wang Wenli had claimed that Bhutan had conveyed to Beijing through diplomatic channels that the area of the standoff is not its territory but only to get further exposed with the Government of Bhutan today refuting Chinese foreign ministry claims about Thimpu telling Beijing that the trilateral border stand-off area in Doklam in the Sikkim sector is not Bhutan’s territory. Official sources in the Bhutanese Government stated that Bhutan’s position on the border issue of Doklam is very clear as per its statement published on the web site of Bhutan’s foreign ministry on June 29, 2017 in which it clearly stated that the construction of the road inside Bhutanese territory is a direct violation of the of the 1988 and 1998 agreements and affects the process of demarcating the boundary between the two countries. History bears testimony to the fact that India has repeatedly displayed its sincere intentions to resolve the issues with China but it is the Chinese who are often resorting to acts that irk India which raises a big question mark against the Chinese intentions viz-a-viz its relation with India. In fact it seems that it is the Chinese establishment that needs to come to senses which it seems to have lost due to utter frustration on account of India having taken long leaps at the global level and the nations around the world do fully realize that India has already taken a lead role and is a force to reckon with. Therefore it is high time for China to realize that the situation of 1962 was entirely different from the present one especially after today’s development with India making its intentions quite clear by getting Nathang village vacated. It is for China to go on the back foot now as India is on the front foot fully prepared to give a befitting reply to the dragon in case it dares to go ahead with any sort of territorial aggression against India.