While people in the City of Temples were quite enthusiastic about celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan, it was quite unfortunate that the city witnessed the worst traffic chaos during the auspicious Rakhee tying time slot with a large number of brothers and sisters unable to reach in time due to the utter traffic chaos especially in areas including Janipur to Ambphalla, Rehari Chungi to Muthi, Jewel to Udhaywalla, Gole Gujral and last but not the least the Jammu-Akhnoor highway right from Muthi Village to Jammu City. The traffic hiccup made the commuters suffer miserably in the humid weather condition for hours. This chaos once again exposes the Traffic Department especially the men in blue for their utter failure not only to be well prepared for such eventualities on festivals but also proving that the traffic police has no emergent contingency plans to ease such chaos that erupts abruptly. Common Jammuite really feels sorry to find that the days when commuters used to enjoy a stroll on the city roads with a healthy environment all around is a thing of the past and dumped in history. Jammu having transformed into hub of business activities today despite multiple bridges, fly-overs and express highways, continues to witness repeated traffic jams and congestion even on routine days not to talk of special occasions like festivals. Besides, the entire environment has become toxic with obnoxious carbon monoxide emissions from the vehicles. It is an acknowledged fact that due to the overcrowded condition on the roads the emergency services are the worst affected. Serious patients cannot reach hospitals while the students going to appear in examinations are at the risk of losing their precious academic year. A number of times the jams have even resulted in loss of precious lives. The main factor responsible for this mess is that while the number of vehicles especially the private cars has gone up considerably in Jammu during the past two decades, the road widening and other allied issues have not been addressed accordingly in this small city. Presently there is a dire need for systematic and better traffic management that will not only ease life of the local residents but will also help in preventing roadside accidents. Every now and then, people fall prey to unmanaged traffic and for permanent resolution of the issue, Traffic Department cannot be absolved of its liability in this regard. While the Traffic Police needs to be exceptionally proactive to prevent recurrence of traffic hazards, at the same time the R&B Department should take up massive widening of roads in the City of Temples, wherever possible, to create more space for movement of traffic and the pedestrians thus facilitating their hassle-free movement. It is hoped that in view of the festivals of Janam Ashtami and Independence Day coming up in a few days those at the helm of affairs in the Traffic Police organization make advance arrangements efforts to ensure that the traffic chaos that disappointed a substantial number of Jammuites on Raksha Bandhan does not get repeated on the forthcoming festivals, besides all the stakeholders striving hard to install a highly professional traffic management system in place so that improvement is visible on the ground and people feel the change.