JKPSC preferring Kashmiris over Jammu youth

JAMMU, JUL 22: The Jammu & Kashmir High Court Bar Association Jammu, President B.S. Slathia has urged the Governor N.N. Vohra that he must ensure equal share for the educated unemployed in the service sector, especially the positions filled by the J&K Public Service Commission. He said the discrimination against youth of Jammu is seething with anger over the preferential and differential treatment to the Kashmiri youth being accorded by the J&K Public Service Commission by converting merit into the de-merit which is a matter of grave concern.
Slathia said the position now has climaxed to the point that Kashmir is grabbing almost 80 to 90 % positions, including the positions of Professor, and the Jammu Youth has been left high and dry. He said the gravity of the situation could be measured from the fact that even an important functionary of coalition Govt. Prof Virender Gupta has come out openly against the working of the J&K Public Service Commission. Though strange, it’s a clear admission by the BJP leadership that the present dispensation has failed to administer Justice to the Jammu youth.
Slathia expressed shock and surprise over the J&K BJP statement that the certain positions in the Govt. Medical College have been occupied by the members of the majority community. Slathia added that in a democratic and secular polity, exclusion of the minority community against the majority community cannot be and must not be justified.
As the J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu is an apolitical organization, as such, the Bar leadership asked the Jammu based political leadership to come forward and fight against this injustice especially the Jammu based leadership of ruling party to appreciate the 2014 mandate and fulfill the pledges held out in its vision document and during the election campaign so that the Jammu youth gets its due share in the vital service sector. Slathia revealed that he knew certain Jammu youth who migrated out of Jammu in search of jobs after they were denied justice by the recruitment agencies, including the J&K Public Service Commission.
Slathia warned the powers that be in the state that the legal fraternity of Jammu will not remain a silent spectator if the discriminatory policies against the people of Jammu province are not discarded forthwith. He said the patience of the Jammu province has ended and discrimination with them any more could only result in massive explosions. He also appealed to the people of the Jammu Province to stand up to obtain what is their legitimate due share in the state’s political and economic processes.
All the members present in the Press Conference including the Office Bearers of the Association namely Sachin Gupta, Vice President, Prem Sadotra, General Secretary, Himanshu Sharma, Joint Secretary and Chetan Misri, Cashier expressed their serious concern with regard to the established forgery of the minutes of the meeting of an official file of the Commission in order to execute the nefarious designs by some members of the Commission to convert merit into de-merit. Although, there is sufficient prima-facie evidence to lodge an FIR to carry out the investigation into this serious matter, but shockingly none of the investigating agency has till date take cognizance of the same notwithstanding, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has from time to time laid down the law that the conduct of the recruitment agency should be above board and the participating candidates must not have any doubt about its fairness, however in the present scenario and keeping in view the conduct of the members of the Commission particularly its Chairman and the consultants, the Association has every reason to believe that the role of this prime recruiting agency i.e. J&K PSC is totally unfair and biased.
Slathia also hailed the statement of PDP MLC and son of former Sadar-e-Riyasat Vikramaditya Singh that Jammu and Ladakh must be protected against fundamentalism and Dogriyat and Ladakhiyat be given their due place. He further hailed the role of civil society of Jammu including Public Opinion Forum which staged a protest demonstration at Tawi Bridge, Jammu.
Others present in the Press Conference were C.M. Sharma, Pawan Manni, Rupinder Singh, Roop Lal, Zahid Sarfraz Malik, Surjeet Singh Andotra, Rajesh Thappa, K.M. Bhatti, Rohan Nanda, Javaid Qureshi, Achal Sharma, Amarjeet Chargotra, Atul Raina, Vikas Pankaj, Abhisheikh Wazir, Yogeshwar Singh, Rajeev Chargotra, Bhanu Partap Singh, Nitin Bakshi, Kamal Magotra, Priyanshu Sharma, Usman Saddiqui, Bhanu Slathia, Sourabh Sharma, Salil Gupta, Bhavishya Sudan, Tarun Gupta, Pankaj, Ashish Kant Sharma, Arjun Mengi, Anjeet Singh, Vimal Bhat.