The characteristic feature of United States of America which is considered to be the most developed nation of the world today is that Social Security is its mainstay, as much a part of the US culture as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. It provides benefits to over 50 million people, i.e. about one in every six US citizens. India being the largest democracy in the world besides being one of the fastest developing nations despite all odds, also needs to make Social Security as its mainstay so that its citizens not only feel to be secure but are practically secure in the society. Fortunately the Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi too has been most concerned about the social security aspect right from the day he assumed the charge of PM. This is evident from the various social security schemes rolled out by his government with a remarkable feature of all these schemes being that these are more focussed on the lowest strata of the Indian society for whom even making a square meal a reality is a dream. The schemes rolled out till date are very well tailored to ensure that the affordability factor does not deprive the common people of the benefits under these schemes. Social Security provides guaranteed progressive benefit that keeps up with increases in the cost of living in the western world but here in India the main section of the population that needs social security is the economically weakest sections. The basis for a social security scheme is near cent percent participation that makes it much less expensive. Various social security schemes during Modi’s regime include the Jana Dhan Yojana, Bheema Yojana, Pension Yojana and many others. In this series one can’t help but making a mention about the cashless treatment to accident victims in his monthly, yet another social security measure that is going to address the problems of the families of the accident victims who are unable to bear the expenses of treatment especially in critical cases. This scheme is undoubtedly a great step in view of the fact that in India we witness an accident every minute with one fatality every four minutes in such accidents. For the people in the state of J&K it is going to be a great boon as the state has been witnessing unabated accidents on account of its typical topography besides the unplanned and dilapidated roads coupled with the negligence of traffic as well as transport authorities with the latest accident claiming lives of 16 Amarnath pilgrims and injuring over thirty at Ramban today. The common people of the nation today do feel that they are the topmost priority of the present Modi led government. By announcing social security schemes like the Janadhan Yojana or the Jeevan Jyoti or other schemes for the women and girl child he has proved that he is the Pradhan Sevak of the common people at the grass-root level in the real sense. The cashless treatment shall be part of the road safety policy. Though the opposition every time comes out with all sorts of explanations to find faults with the PM’s policies but undoubtedly the people across the nation welcome every such initiative because these are meant to ameliorate the largest and needy section of the society. While the Government deserves full appreciation for such schemes, at the same time it is hoped that the tempo with which these schemes were launched is not only maintained but even paced up in order to make social security as one of the most important public programmes for not only the economically weaker sections but also for the working families so that these programmes clearly provide a measure of security for every component of the society especially the elderly, the orphaned and the disabled across the nation. Last but not the least it needs to be ensured that these schemes do not fizzle out due to improper handling in implementation level. Only then will Social Security provide guaranteed progressive benefits to the citizens.