China’s offer of playing a constructive role over Kashmir should not come as a surprise to observers in the present circumstances as it only reflects the frustration of the Chinese establishment in view of India forging ahead towards becoming the unchallengeable power in the region and moreover in view of the strict warnings issued to the dragons by the US, France, Israel, UK, Japan and last but not the least by Bhutan against its belligerent stance towards India. It was rare for China to comment on the developments relating to Jammu and Kashmir but only last year it surprised even the observers as Beijing went on to say that it had taken note of relevant reports and was equally concerned about the casualties in the clashes, and advised India to resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully through dialogue. As if thwarting the Indian attempt to get NSG membership and taking unethical stand in favour of dreaded terrorist organizations and the terrorists, was not enough for China that now it has started openly poking its nose into the internal affairs of India by raising concern over the Kashmir situation. While the global power equations existing over two decades ago stand changed today with the world realizing the need to prioritize the economic interests of the nation foremost, India has also made a drastic shift in its priorities on the economic front over the past two decades especially after the Modi led NDA Govt took the reins of the World’s largest democracy in its hands. The vibrant Indian PM has been vociferous on two main fronts namely economy and establishing global peace during his visits to various parts of the world. However our immediate neighbour China also being on the forefront as the nation with the largest number of consumers has the full potential of giving a tough fight on the economic front and in this regard India can’t ignore the Chinese war or even the repeated incursions into our territory on account of border dispute, latest in series being the Doka La face-off between the Indian and Chinese armies. China has openly joined the external forces involved in bleeding India with thousand cuts with the aim to disintegrate the largest democracy of the World using terrorists through infiltration. Even the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti rightly stated today that now China has also started attempting to spoil the atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir through its unnecessary interference. Chinese stand against India from time to time though not astonishing yet is quite unfortunate and moreover it could turn out to be disastrous in the long run for China itself where its Xinjiang province has become a breeding ground for terrorism and terrorists. It is a fact that both India as well as China are not only the emerging powers of Asian region but that of the whole world. As such, the policies and attitude of these two nations are going to have a direct impact upon their future prospects on taking lead on the economic as well as the global power front. In such a situation these nations figuring among the top two nations of the world so far as the population count is concerned have no option other than addressing all their outstanding issues on security especially the border dispute as that would automatically lead to acceleration towards opening of trade between these two nations ultimately beneficial for both. While India has through and through maintained an unambiguous stand on resolution of the issues with China, it is China that is brazenly maintaining a belligerent attitude. It is in China’s interest to abstain from such a stance failing which the dragons will be at the receiving end. While India will continue to maintain utmost vigilance viz-a-viz China, it is hoped that good sense prevails upon the dragon for establishing peace in the region.