The barbaric killing of seven Amarnath pilgrims in Kashmir has attracted worldwide condemnation and in this regard the people in the valley have been on the forefront not only in condemning the act of the merchants of death but more than that in reaching out to the victims in the hour of deep crisis. What an irony that despite such humanitarian ethos Kashmir continues to be on the boil with the common Kashmiris being the worst sufferers. Ask the common man in Valley how does he feel; he just knows that he does not feel safe anymore. For a common man life is difficult, he feels restricted as he cannot speak out freely; there are no jobs for him, government or private and amidst all this the politicians and the anti social elements batter him; the ultimate result being that there is no justice for the common man whose economic conditions are drilling a hole in his pocket. Where and to whom will the common Kashmiri go in such a situation? Once the most peaceful state has reached a disastrous situation today especially in the Valley despite having come out of the trauma that was thrust upon by some foreign elements in connivance with Jaichands of this state through insurgency and militancy. One fails to understand as to where are we heading to and what kind of a society is being built for the future generations? Who is to be blamed for the situation? Why is this beautiful and peaceful state turning into a wardrobe full of dead skeletons on regional and religious exploitation? What is this government doing, except for reviewing the situation all the time? The politicians in the Valley are today stuck up in their own vicious circle they created by befooling the people time and again with their false promises and double speak. The language of those in governance takes an abrupt U-Turn whenever they are compelled to sit in opposition after every election. The canny politicians have umpteen times used all sorts of phrases and sentences to arouse the sentiments and emotions of the common people in the name of plebiscite, Article 370, State subject issue, Autonomy, Self Rule, Return & Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits and so on. It is most unfortunate to find these politicians still not giving up their hypocritic attitude despite the situation having reached its worst. Their condemnations when people of any caste, creed or religion are killed by terrorists if analyzed properly turn out to be merely proforma condemnations. If the politicians want to come out with sincere condemnations they need to condemn and oppose politics and ideology which leads to such attacks including the attack on Yatris. They need to address their respective constituencies and find out as to who are the people who endorse Lashkar’s ideology and terrorism? Who provide shelters and logistics to Lashkar operatives? Who attend burials of Lashkar terrorists? Who pelt stones at security forces to allow these terrorists to escape? Who built hate campaigns on Yatra? The hypocrisy of politicians must end. If there has to be genuine condemnation it has to be the one censuring and distancing from Jihadi politics of all variants Lashkar, Hizbul Mujahideen, Jamaat Islami, ISIS and the ilk. That alone will deliver peace and pluralism in Kashmir. Till then proforma condemnations will carry little conviction and have only adverse impact on the common Kashmiris in the Valley.