No more non-veg meals for Air India’s domestic fliers in economy class

New Delhi, Jul 10: Air India has stopped serving non-vegetarian meals in economy-class of its domestic flights citing wastage and to improve catering service.
The national carrier’s spokesperson G P Rao said the airline has taken a “conscious decision” not to have non-vegetarian meals in economy class of domestic flights to reduce wastage and improve catering service.
“The decision was taken to reduce wastage, reduce cost and improve catering service,” a senior airline official said.
However, the non-vegetarian meals would be served to fliers who are in business and executive class. The decision was implemented from mid-June.
Sources said this move would help in cutting wastage and cost. According to estimates, Air India would save around R 7-8 crore annually while it spends around R 400 crore on catering services on both domestic and international flights every year.
They also said there is an increasing trend of fliers having vegetarian food and this has led to wastage of non-vegetarian food.