Soul of man has forgotten its real identity: Madhu Param Hans

JAMMU, JUL 8: Showering the pearls of spiritualism, on the eve of Guru Purnima, Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi panth, said that the soul of man today has forgotten its real identity on account of its association with Munn Maya. At the time of blessing with Nam, the satguru separates your soul from the Munn.
“Our soul has spread in the entire body but he concentrates it at the Agya chakra. Then Munn can’t absorb it in its ownself however hard it may try. The disciple begins to have a knowledge of its soul. The soul needs no energy. It has an unlimited power in it due to its being a part of Param Purush. The guru only removes the coating of Munn Maya from it. This step enables it to understand itself,” he said, adding the soul has been accustomed to live in the company of the Indriyas.
The soul (a part of Param Purush-a lion) has been eating the grass in the form of vices due to its association with the Indriyas. The shepherd in the guise of Munn has been beating it with a stick. The saints in the guise of a lion from the forest meet it and take it to the spring in the form of Agyachakra. They make it understand its real identity, Madhu Param Hans said.
The cub even while living in the company of the goats possessed the power of a lion. Only its behaviour and nature had changed due to its association with the goats. The lion awakened its power. Likewise, the saints create awakening in the soul. Then the goats in the form of Indriyas begin to feel frightened. The Munn loses its power to make the soul dance to its tune as before.
So to say, the powerful Munn misleads the soul but the satguru takes the soul far from the limit of Munn by revealing to it its real identity, he added.