Youm-e-Quds observed at Markaz-e-Tabliga Imam Raza Sankoo

KARGIL, JUN 24: Like other parts of Kargil, Markaz-e-Tabliga Imam Raza Sankoo the major religious organisation from Sankoo Suru valley observed Youm-e-Quds international day with great religious fervour on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. The day was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionist regime in Palestinian areas.
After observing the Friday congregational prayers thousands of people participated in this religious meeting despite fasting. The rally was organized by Markaz-e-Tabliga-Imam Raza under the guidance of Hujjatul Islam Walmuslimeen Syeed Muhammad Towha Rizvi and the procession passed though main market Sankoo and culminated at Mini Stadium ground in Sankoo. The participants were carrying banners and placards supporting people of Palestine and were raising anti ISIS and anti Israel slogans. The protest rally commenced with the recitation of holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad from Sankoo. Prominent among others who spoke on the occasion were Hujjatul-Islam-Walmuslimeen, Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Sharifi, Hujjatul-Islam-Walmuslimeen Sheikh Zakaria Hakima, Hujjatul-Islam-Walmuslimeen Sheikh Husain Hussaini, Sheikh Gh Hussain Qari, Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Stakburik. Addressing the gathering Hujjatul-Islam-Walmuslimeen Aga Syeed Mohammad Towha Rizvi said Youm-e-Quds was declared by Imam Khomeini to express solidarity with people of Gaza, Palestine, Yemen and Bahrain and that it has gained acceptance and importance beyond the Asia Pacific to Europe and Africa. The programme concluded with Dua-e-Farz, a special prayer for peace, development and health amongst the people of Kargil. The processionists also burnt the effigies of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Donald Trump.