Rana slams PDP-BJP Govt for no roadmap on GST

Jammu, Jun 24: Slamming PDP-BJP dispensation for failing in rolling out a viable blue-print with regard to safeguarding constitutional, economic and administrative interests of Jammu and Kashmir before implementing proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Saturday regretted that a chaotic like situation is being created by the ruling dispensation by misleading public opinion through canards sans logic and public interest.
“The present dispensation is aware that no such safeguards have been incorporated in the new tax regime but due to political expediency it is shying away from admitting it in the public domain and wants to create a crisis like situation by delaying the process of rolling out the GST in the state without any safeguards which is a commitment made by the government in a bid to save their own chair by sacrificing the interests of trade and industry “, Rana said while interacting with delegations of various Industries Associations from Bari Brahmna, Kathua, Birpur, Samba and Gangyal here this evening.
“The state government is making promises to the various trade and industry bodies but does not divulge the road-map to safeguard their interests because the intent of the present dispensation is not clear and sincere”, he said adding that an attempt is being made to hoodwink stakeholders. He lamented over the covert and overt attempts of the government to generate passions by bringing the three regions eyeball to eyeball situation, without realising the ramifications.
He said whatever be the emotional content, economics sees no geographical or social barriers and the PDP-BJP duo will soon get exposed before the people. He cautioned that those getting carried away by malicious propaganda of the insensitive government will soon realise the fallout of not putting the required safeguards in place to protect the economic interests of the stakeholders.
Rana made a passionate appeal to all the stakeholders to rise above own interests and work together to roll out the GST in Jammu and Kashmir without compromising the state’s constitutional, economic and administrative interests.
He said there are many models worldwide known to the present government wherein the GST can be introduced with adequate safeguards to protect the interests of the people.