Hakla’s concern for non-functioning of mobile schools for nomads

Poonch, Jun 8: Prominent Gujjar leader Shamsher Hakla Poonchi today expressed concern, that the mobile schools which government had setup for nomadic Gujjar Bakarwal are not moving with the Gujjar Bakarwal when they move to the hilly, mountain areas (Dhok) and when they come back to their places again these mobile schools are not with them, these mobile schools represent themselves as stationery.
Hakla appealed to the government to setup more mobile schools for nomadic Gujjar Bakarwal up to high school and it should be also assured that these mobile schools move with the nomadic Gujjar-Bakarwal, when in summer they move to upper region (Dhok) and in winter when they region, these mobile school should function regularly with them, so that the education facilities of these Nomadic Gujjar-Bakarwal can be fulfilled.
He further said that even in today’s developing time, the ratio of education of the children’s of these nomadic Gujjar Bakarwal is very low and he also strongly appealed the government to take the most appropriate and effective step for bringing this ratio up to a higher level.