Withdrawal from Paris accord

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the readers towards Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from the Paris accord. This is yet another step away from America that it was during the yesteryears. The progressive elites and those who supported their agenda are all up in arms over this decision so much so that they even call Trump an idiot and the people who support his decision as deplorable. Despite that the fact remains that they cannot do anything about it. One really fails to understand as to how the people who support Trump feel that they have been excluded. I am of the considered opinion that they are absolutely wrong in considering themselves to be excluded. My question to these so called progressive elites and their supporters is that have they ever thought of the exclusion of the populations of the under-developed and the developing nations that continued for decades till now as a result of which the developed nations of the world benefitted absolutely at the cost of the underprivileged populations in the poor nations across the globe. In fact the Trump administration that has blatantly resorted to the agenda of excluding the people who deserve the sympathetic approach of the developed nations which thrived by depriving the underprivileged lot. The announcement by Trump is just the beginning of the undoing of the America that was and if not withdrawn by Uncle Sam then it would lead to more turmoil in the future of which even US would be the victim.
Dr Monika Bhardwaj,
Reshamgarh, Jammu.